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The Department of Geophysics,
School of the Environment and Earth Sciences


Research interests

My research aims at understanding how earthquakes appear in space and in time. Together with students and colleagues, we document Quaternary to Recent earthquakes, primarily along the Dead Sea Fault, using on-fault and off-fault palaeoseismic and archaeoseismic indicators. These include seismites, damaged archaeological sites, and historical records. In order to constrain the palaeo-earthquake magnitudes, local accelerations, and rupture types, sizes, and locations, we explore the physical processes that govern the formation of various types of seismites. We also use the anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) for characterizing soft sediment deformation in seismites and in fault rocks.

I am also interested in the behavior of the Earth’s magnetic field and apply palaeomagnetism to solve tectonic questions. We document the secular variations and reversals in sediments and archaeological sites.



1989 The HUJI Institute of Earth Sciences Teddy Dicker Award.

1991 The Geological Society of Israel Peretz Grader Award.

2007 The Geological Society of Israel Raffi Freund Award.

2017 TAU Rector's Teaching Excellence Award.

2020 Nebenzahl and Grossberg Chair in Geodynamics.

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